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Choosing a regular savings plan in Asia

There is a wide range of different types of savings plans in Asia, and it can be challenging to choose which one is best for you. Savings accounts, pension schemes, trading stock and long-term investment plans have advantages and disadvantages. The first step when deciding on your savings plan must always be to identify your goal with your money.

If you aim to withdraw the proceeds from your savings at a point in the future to spend them, then a regular investment plan or short term deposit would probably serve you better than a pension scheme if it’s in an unstable economic climate that you’re investing for. Similarly, if you’re using the money as collateral for trading, then perhaps opening an account with a large Asian bank would be a better idea than putting it into a pension scheme, which could leave you in the lurch if your plan collapses.

Choosing a savings plan is about identifying what you need to use the money for and then finding an appropriate means of investing it. You may find that you can accomplish several goals at once by taking advantage of different types of savings plans, such as opening an account with a large Asian bank and supplementing this with regular investment plans or short term deposits. This way, you will have some cash available immediately, but your direct investments will grow over time without jeopardising future financial crises.

As always, remember to manage your finances prudently. It’s worth spending the extra time researching different options so you can protect yourself from the unexpected in the future.

Pension schemes

Pension schemes are best for those planning to use their money much further into the future, as they allow for long term growth and provide a steady income at retirement age. Unfortunately, many countries’ pension schemes are not adequately funded due to economic pressure or mismanagement, leading to problems if you plan to use the money soon after retiring. However, if you are over 50, there are still plenty of options available to you if you seek advice from your local government department or investment advisor.

Investment plans

Investment plans typically offer lower returns than pension schemes but also carry less risk, making them suitable for people who want their capital intact for future use. These plans vary in length, with some lasting just a few years and others running for decades, so before committing, it’s essential to weigh up your investment time frame (explore here to find out more).

Short term deposits

Short-term deposits are suitable for people who want their money immediately due to upcoming expenses or other financial obligations. However, because these accounts do not carry much interest, they are not ideal if you plan on keeping the money in the account for longer than six months or so.


E-wallet services in Asia allow Paysbuy customers to transfer funds directly into user accounts at other financial institutions. It means that one could set up an account with Paysbuy and move money at will without much difficulty when required, which can come particularly handy during emergencies or when travelling abroad.

For those who are unaccustomed to using Paysbuy’s payment service, they may opt for setting up an account with Bangkok Bank – one of Paysbuy’s partner companies. It will give the consumer access to services that are already available at over 13,000 Bangkok Bank branches across Thailand. As a bonus, they can also enjoy fee-free banking, which is usually only accessible for account holders with more extensive initial deposits.

In conclusion

While there may be several options when selecting savings plans in Asia, it is essential to consider your own needs and preferences to make an informed choice. A plan that combines convenience and flexibility must be prioritised if the consumer requires regular withdrawals. In contrast, others who do not mind less frequent transactions can opt for e-wallet services such as Paysbuy, which has recently partnered with several Thai banks.


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