Acidity Is Signs Of Bad Metabolism

Acid reflux is the created many health-related problems said by medical experts and it is a bad way direction for the belly as well. Have you listen to someone say I have an acidity problem and you have to know what is actually it is and how it can be resolved by natural and medication through. There are many ways to resolve this acid reflux problem first is through home remedies and then other we go through medication.

Acid reflux problem to have many people have some period of time and some have taken too much long period around 1 to 3 months and it is completely required a treatment. Before going to know why this acid reflux happen to check it what is an impact on health problem as well as on metabolism too.

What Is Acid Reflux?

In human body required energy and that energy comes from food when we take food which can go into the stomach via the esophagus and gastric glands which available in the stomach can create acid when it contacts with food and dissolved means digest that food. But when gastric glands produce more acid which the body required for the digestion process that time you can feel burn in the stomach, heartburn, and throat burn and feel completely the discomfort.

With acidity problem and there are many other problems create along with like nausea, headache, body pain in few cases. If men have faced daily acidity problem they can have many other major health problems as well like cholesterol high, erectile problem (erectile dysfunction problem in men for that solution have to sildenafil citrate-based pill can be resolved this issues like fildena 150, Kamagra 100 mg) weight gain, lower metabolism (means which food you can take that can not digest all and poop with food come out)

Acidity also called acid reflux in medical science and that can create heartburn in the lower part of the chest area this can common problem when stomach back food with acid from your food pipe also gets blurp with tangy saliva in the mouth.

There are many times this acid flux [acidity] happens due to take work or families stress, depression, and people who are thinking about anxiety performance that time also faced acidity without any food-related that called psychological acidity.

Why did this acidity happen?

Acidity problems happen in any way and producing gastric glands acid in the stomach. Following the below list.

  1. Take Unhealthy Food
  2. Bad Eating Habit
  3. Side Effects of Medication
  4. Other Causes
  5. Stress


Many men have a habit of taking unhealthy food like junk food which can time to get digest and get overeating with that can create acid reflux in the stomach. Also, many men and women have skipped food for some work or weight loss purpose but that can create acidity which can minor if you are on a weight loss plan then focus to drink hygiene drinking like water, and fresh juice which has come with lesser sugar like pineapple.

If you have one of the kinds of person who takes food just before going to bed and without any digestion process your taken food is slowly digested or put in the stomach which can create acid reflux all night.

Spicy Food like Chinese, Italian food is the spiciest food which can create acidity in the stomach easily.


Bad eating habit is like a someone who is hurry to eat and fast way to finish their lunch or dinner especially in men have this problem who are eating their food so fast and create the acidity in the stomach also with that they create the other health problem like an increase the obesity and increase a weight loss as well. At least give 10 to 15 minutes to take food and slowly chew every bite of food which take.


There are many men and women who are taking medication for any kind of disease sometimes that medication creates acid reflux in the stomach many time doctor can prescribe the anti-acidity pill that but if you can take standalone medicine that can create that.


Alcohol, smoking, and stress also have a cause of creating acid reflux in stomach men or women who are taking alcohol too much that can create the acidity problem and slow down the metabolism as well in the long period of time mean when you can eat any food which can take time to digest at least around 24 hours take the time to get digest food.

Lack of sleep also a major problem to create the acid flux in the stomach.


Give your body cooling your stomach and decrease the gastric effect for that you can take home-based remedies with your food like

Watermelon juice:  It has a great acidity killer power and gives you hydration all time take watermelon juice at breakfast or when you feel acidity in the daytime.

Lemon Juice: Lemon has a great source of vitamin c, zinc which can relax your stomach quickly when you feel too heavy at the stomach and want a quick way to digest unhygienic junk food that time lime or lemon juice, or water are the best way to cure of acidity.

Buttermilk:  if you are love to take spicy food in your lunch or dinner for a fast way to digest your food without happening acid flux after your food drink one glass of buttermilk to cool your stomach.

Drink lots of water: many times people are drinking lesser of water which can create acid reflux due to dehydration. People need to have drink daily at least 2 liters of water to keep hydrated.


Do you feel acid reflux problem while too much think or worried about anything like any working meeting, work project pressure or any kind of pressure come to that time acid reflux happens in the body most of the people are facing heartburn, through burn kind of problem faced due to stress come but due to stress people avoid this symptom.

Here is all happen not for bad food taken or not for too many cigarettes took acid reflux to happen due to taking too much stress here and it is all about based brain there is research theory that stress may change in the brain chemical which can create the pain, and increase the acid levels in the stomach and then create the heartburn problem and that can create the discomfort on your work and lack of focus.

How to come over this stress and their acid reflux problem?

Laugh:-  Laughing is the best therapy to get over stress and anxiety you can watch funny clips, movies, and other ways to divert your mind from that worrying problem, and when your brain gets divert you will easily find out the solution to your problem.

Think Positives:- Positives thoughts are the best medicine rather than actual medication drug. Read positives quotes which is keep you motivated and watch motivational videos, read books where you can get positives thoughts and ideas.

Practice Relaxation:- For brain relaxation you will have to do yoga daily if you are worried and get stress for a little thing then do yoga and calm down your brain’s nervous system which can prevent many diseases happen. Their many easiest yoga poses which you can do it daily or just at the weekend if do not have an idea how to do it then join any yoga classes where you can teach you yoga how to do it and the best way to do it.


Whatever food we took that can easily digest in 2 hours if you have a good metabolism but bad metabolism can digest that food as long as 2 days and more. There are acid reflux can slow down the digestion process and take long period of time to get digest heavy, oily, spicy food.

Conclusion:  Acid reflux can bring out many diseases along like heart-related problems, hypertension, blood pressure, ed problem, skin and sometimes brain-related problem s you have to quick way to find out your acid problem roots and treatment as well

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