Pawna lake is one of the familiar vacationer locations in Maharashtra. It is popular for its field of vision as well as because of some interesting close by places. The following is a rundown of top six spots to visit around Pawna lake. Likewise toward the finish of the article, we will assist you with arranging a day and capitalize on it. Additionally discover some prohibited attractions and the purpose behind avoidance toward the finish of the article. We will likewise disclose to you the best café to have dispatch around Pawna lake. 


Outline of Pawna Lake 


Shaped by the design of the Pawna Dam in the west across the Pawana Stream from the Western Ghats, the earth-filled water contribute  has a limit of 0.24 km3, filling in as the necessary wellspring of water to the Pimpri-Chinchwad (Navi Pune) zone. The wonderful view is encircled by a green rug and incorporates truly significant fortresses like Lohagad Stronghold, Tikona Fortification, Tung Post, and Visapur Fortress. The powerful strongholds date back many hundreds of years and are a landmark to the necessary meaning of the zone. The topography zone of  Pawana Lake in the Western Ghats renders it the best prime focus  for the many different vegetation. 


  1. Dinosaurs Park 


  1. Lohagad – Visapur post 


  1. Dudhiware cascade 


  1. Prati pandharpur 


  1. Tikona stronghold 


  1. Tung stronghold 


Dinosaurs park, Lonavala 


While the secret around the presence of Dinosaurs has been indisputably Settled! 


Experience a smaller than normal Jurassic park in Lonavala! Spread over 6.5 sections of land. No age limit, the kids’ over 3 years are chargeable. There are animatronic Dinosaurs, games and some concepted around dinosaurs. There are cafés and product shops so that cravings for food can be fulfilled. Outside food is not allowed. 


This spot is eye-catching for young people , grown-ups dislike it. Google map rating is poor. Visitors are basically grumbling about an incentive for money and the nature of dinosaur blueprints. 


Lohagad – Visapur fortification :


Lohagad Stronghold 


It is one of the many slope strongholds of Maharashtra. It ascends to a rise of 1033 m (3389 ft) above ocean level. The fortification is associated with the adjoining Visapur fortress by a little reach. 


The reach partitions bowls of the Indrayani and Pavana lake or Pawna lake. Lohagad ignores the Pawna or Pavana gasping. 


Visapur Fortification :


It has a height of 1084 m above ocean level. It is rooted on the same base as Lohagad. The fortress are caverns, storages of water, Finished curve and old houses. There are many very much works by Pandavas. It is one of the squat onerous traveling places close to Pawna Lake. 


Despite the truth that Lohagad and Visapur strongholds are close by, experienced adventurers can cover both fortifications in a day. A beginner person or people  may get worried because of completing one fortification. Novices are encouraged to choose one fortress from Lohagad and Visapur in a day-plan. 


Dudhiware cascade :


It is close to Pawna Lake. The stature of the cascade is 135 feet. It is very cleanly known as cascade rappelling, zip-line and valley crossing. 


One can feel the exciting experience there. The perspective on the cascade is good and smooth. In the way that you need book day experience at Dudhiware cascade rappelling. 


You are not encouraged to visit this spot when it’s a weighty downpour. 


Prati pandharpur :


Prati-Pandharpur is being developed to give a similar look and feel of Pandharpur by Baba Maharaj Satarkar who is a popular speaker on Dnyaneshwari. It is located in Dudhiware town close to Pawna Dam. There is a good breeding ground before the shelter. The environment is lovely. The spot is encircled by lavish green woodland colour. And moreover it is an marvellous spot for reflection. 


Tikona post :


It is otherwise called Vatandgad. It has a height of 3500ft. It is funnel-shaped balanced as a fiddle and the name Tikona unspoken as three-sided. There is the refuge of Trembakeshwar Mahadev, seven water tanks and some satvahan caverns. There is a good impression on Pawna Lake from the fortress. 


Tung post :


It is otherwise called Kathingad fortification. It has a rise of 1075m above ocean level. The word Kathin is unspoken hard. While mounting the tough of arriving at this stronghold. The fortress is conelike and has steep ascensions with a hard way on the border of the mountain all through. It is close to the Pawna Dam. Its Sharp, Tapered Pinnacle makes Tung after a noteworthy breakthrough.


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