Sandhan Valley trek perfect destination to spend your vacation


Sandhan Valley is one of India’s most interesting characteristics. In the heart of the sahyadri, this deep canyon is considered one of the most complex trekking routes. This valley is often referred to as the shadow valley because the sun can not get through the valley bottom. Valley of Sandhan is situated in Igatpuri near Bhandardara. On the trek to the Valley of Sandhan, you will discover that it is not just a trek but a total rappelling bundle, scaling cliffs, taking pleasure in snacks and camping under the starry sky. There are three forts in Sandhan Valley: Alang, Madan, and Kulang. Together the three strongholds are the AMK.


To enter the Valley you must first reach Samrad village and first arrive at Kasara or Igatpuri. It’s better to book a self-drive car to get to the town. Mumbai is about 200 kilometers from the valley and can be reached in about 5 hours. You can also take a state transport bus to Igatpuri Ghoti from Mumbai and Pune, which will take you to Bhandardara with more buses, which will take you to the village of Samrad.


You could camp at Gorge overnight and this is a magnificent experience. There are no hotels or lodges nearby, but many homestays are very comfortable and provide a night’s sleep.

The journey takes place in tents. The trip. The tents are comfortable and have mattresses, clothes and pillows to help you get the most from the comfort. This stay helps you to see and rest in serenity, the majesty of the stars. Depending on the disponibility of each tent, it is shared between two and three individuals. Popular washrooms are also offered on the platform.


There is no food lane, as this is a shady ravine trek, with no homes. But the Samrad village provides a large range of home-made meals, including bhakhri, poha, upma, bhaji, dale and rice, which are fresh and spicy Marathi. Before you start your trek, have a nutritious and full breakfast, take some food for the night, and after your descent, have a nice lunch at Dehne or Samrad. 


You have to launch a trek in the Samrad area and walk through shallow water bodies that are approximately 2-4 feet deep for the first few hours so make sure that you have appropriate footwear. When you descend, you will reach the Tarzan Swing Point where you must rappel and use a section ladder to descend.

When down, you must go to the cave and walk through the rocks.. There are also several deep water ponds in which you have to wade. After a big cliff you can come camping and you can see the pinnacle of Bann and Ajoba Hill from here.. Spend the night in the open skies, even if you never have, it’s a really unforgettable experience. Or you can launch the ride back right away.

Then you have to begin to descend along mild paths and a river bed through the pond to the village of Dehne. You’re going to get to Asangaon Station with a bus from here. Or you may take the same route back to Samrad and then stay at Bhandardara on the weekend, if you still don’t get enough of the adventure.

Every year, with the exception of summer, is fine for a walk to the Sandhan Valley. It becomes warm and moist and the energy is drained by the sun, which makes it less fun to walk. The Sandhan Valley is a trekking location to winter, autumn, and even monsoon.

Sandhan Valley Trek The Trekking and rappelling trip is fun from Pune. The journey is full of fun. Sandhan Valley Trek is one of the most exciting and brings the journey to the next level.. The rappel feeling here is one in a way and you get to ease the adrenaline to ease your spirits. Honeymoon and songs contribute to the kit beauty. Book now and visit friends and members of your family.


Places to Visit Near Sandhan Valley Campsite: 

Vaitarna Dam, Tringalwadi Fort, Vipassana International Academy, Kalsubai Peak, Amruteshwar Temple

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