Some Thoughtful Gifts to Give your Mom on this Mothers Day

Our mothers are the best gifts that the God can give us. She provides all the love and cares that she can give to us as her child. A mother goes leaps and bounds to make us happy and comfortable in our surroundings. Her world revolves around our well being and our happiness. While we go out to face the world and live a respectful and professional lifestyle, she makes sure to stay by our side to lift us whenever we fall, to provide our mental support, motivation and encouragement at all times.


She is an integral part of a family and always aims at providing comfort and care to the people around her. A mother is a single figure in the whole wide world who selflessly puts in her efforts, time, and energy to bring out the best in her family members without expecting anything in return. She is a true hero that we all need in our lives. Mother’s day is an occasion that reminds us to give all this love and care back to her and make her day memorable. Take a break to let your mom know that you adore her on this mother’s day. It is time we reciprocate the love and affection back to her. Let’s take a moment to send flowers online and find some fun gifts you can give on this mother’s day to make this day a great one.

Saregama Carvaan:

If your mom is a huge fan of 80’s melodies and loves listening to music daily, a savegame Carvaan can help her daily struggles of scrolling through her phone and finding good songs to play. Saregama Carvaan is a music system that comes with pre-installed melodies that your mom would just love. She now doesn’t have to scroll through different songs on her phone to reach the right one. She can listen to songs at all times while she cleans, cooks or maybe enjoys a pleasant evening coffee.


If your mom loves cooking various dishes and experimenting with different flavours, a barbeque can be a great addition to her kitchen appliances. Barbeques are a fun way of celebrating any occasion at home backyards. People can gather, have few homemade snacks and have a few drinks to make any backyard gathering a fun one. Let your mom experience and share Barbequed chicken or veggies’ delicious flavours on this Mother’s day.


In today’s world, we have somehow stopped taking care of our health and are continuously sitting at our work desks without proper exercise or workouts. A Fitbit can be a great accessory to gift to your mom. On this mother’s day, give your mom a gift of health and fitness by gifting her FitBit. This is a wrist band that helps you monitor one’s health parameters.


Watching stars is such a relaxing and soothing experience. If your mom loves engaging in watching stars and different planets, you can gift her a telescope as it will help her get a closer look at these beautiful creations. A telescope is something different and exciting. This may be the new thing for your mom if you initiate the same. Watching stars will help your mom distress and look forward to every evening.


Accessories are an essential part of our dressing sense. It adds and extenuates our day to day looks. You can gift your mom a perfect and elegant handbag or maybe that beautiful watch that she always wanted. If your mom is not that into accessories, you should go forth and let your mom know how important it is to pair your dresses with a beautiful accessory. As our moms get so engaged in daily household chores, she stops taking care of herself, reminds her that she needs to take care of herself and her looks as well.

Yoga Classes:

If you want your mom and yourself to plan a day focussing on your health and mental peace, you can schedule a yoga class with experts and take your mom with you for the same. This will allow you to spend some quality and fun time together.

Our mothers are our strongest supporters and never back out of our lives, no matter how challenging the situation might be. Her love towards us knows no boundaries and is genuinely pure. This mother’s day, take charge of making her feel the way she makes you feel daily, loved and pampered. Sending flowers to Bangalore and paying her a surprise visit are options you can opt for on this day if you are currently away from her. Let her take a rest and give her a day off from her daily mundane household chores. 

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