Different Ways to Take Amazing Pictures Using The iPhone

Different Ways to Take Amazing Pictures Using The iPhone

Apple is not only known for its unmatched technology that has always provided customers with cutting-edge and futuristic tech and gadgets, but also with its understanding of what the people need. In the current digital age where people are less likely to use computers or laptops for many mainstream tasks like making presentations, editing images, sending and receiving emails and manage other tasks at work and at home. 

In the year 2019, Apple released one of the most innovative technologies that included a high-tech camera and enhanced security features that make using iPhones a secure and fun experience. With a spectacular camera that is 12-megapixel rear-facing and the front-facing camera is capable of getting users a great click that you can use on social media platforms and even for product photography. Many users today are specializing in iPhonography or iPhone Photography and there are free and paid courses by different instructors that you can have a look at on the internet. You can use internet services by Spectrum that provides users with secure and fast internet services no matter where you are in America. Apart from that, you can have a look at their Cable TV services, especially the spectrum tv select that makes entertainment within your reach and budget. To get you a crash course on using your iPhone to capture some amazing moments, here are a few things that you can begin with: 

Use the Camera Shortcut on your iPhone

There are many third-party camera apps that you can download but if you think that you need a quick shot for yourself then you need to be quick enough to capture the moment and not miss it. The best way to do so is to use the Swipe up option on the iPhone camera that is there as a shortcut on the Lock screen. This is better than taking the iPhone from your pocket, then unlock the phone, find the camera app and then wait for the camera app to load. Then you need time to scale the shot or select the filters to make your shot picture-perfect. This will help you capture the perfect or a rare moment from your iPhone and flaunt about on social media or your friends.

Use A Few Third-party Apps 

It is a good idea not to be too rushy to take a shot. Another way to click your perfect moment is to download a third-party manual camera application. You can control functions like setting the ISO, the white balance, shutter speed or the exposure. This will make sure that you can get a clear picture using the manual settings rather than the settings in the default camera app.

Action Shots Turn Out To Be Best In The Burst Mode

If you are capturing a sports event or a picture of your favorite pet making a run in your garden, then the Burst mode is the best for shots taken by the iPhone. You can also capture some stunning shots of moving objects in quick succession. This is also going to be very helpful for you to get more pictures for a better selection of shots for yourself. 

Turn on HDR Auto

The iPhone is capable of capturing pictures using the HDR mode that allows you to have High Dynamic Range picture quality for your photos. Using the HDR mode you can capture pictures that might have high contrast light sources. These include pictures of the sun setting behind a dark mountain, cityscapes and other picture scenarios.   

Use Your Shooting Mode around the End Result

The default camera app offered by Apple has different modes that you can use to take pictures that includes, photo mode, portrait mode, panorama mode and many others. It is a good idea to plan your shot and the shoot mode that you intend to get your shoot in. This means that if you want to capture a model’s head shot or a pose that you might want to capture as a portrait shot, then the Portrait mode in the iPhone’s camera app is the perfect fit for you. 

Turn Off Your Flash When You Don’t Need It 

The most recent phones by Apple have stable flashes for the iPhone but at the end of the day, your flash is just an LED light on your phone. Make sure that you shoot in natural light rather than depending on your requirements. 

In the end, one can say that using iPhones to capture your favorite moments and people is one of the handy ways to click pictures. You can click some amazing pictures for your social media accounts and even start your own freelance photography brand. In the current age of high-tech iPhones and social media platforms, you can get some outstanding clicks for yourself. By making a minor investment to get an iPhone and get your iPhone photography business for yourself. 

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