Grow your business on Instagram with Influencer Marketing

There are numerous social media platforms in India such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that facilitate businesses to connect with their target audience and convert them into buying customers.

As far as social media marketing is concerned, Instagram is a platform that you should definitely explore. It has reached to 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, so it’s a huge base of prospective customers that you can tap on to achieve brand building.

When it comes to marketing on Instagram, opting for influencer marketing has helped businesses skyrocket their sales. It is a powerful marketing tactic that helps promote your brand, attain new customers, and communicate with the existing ones.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

An Instagram influencer is the one who has huge and engaged base of followers, and they have the ability to influence others due to their high reach and trustworthiness that people have on their opinions.

The advent of Instagram influencers has created huge opportunities for businesses seeking to promote their products to reach their target audience. They can help you build a massive audience for your business in a very short period of time and also have the potential to generate sales by featuring your products on their profiles.

Leverage Instagram Influencers through Influencer Marketing

With help of Instagram Influencer Marketing, any business can easily reach their target audience. Instagram influencers have a loyal relationship with their followers, and by partnering with the influencers, it becomes quite easy for businesses to bring more sales.

When an influencer recommends something, we tend to listen and consider their opinion while making purchases. So, it’s a wise move for business entrepreneurs to achieve brand awareness and to gain high sales volume.

Let’s go through a step-wise approach that will help to use Instagram influencers to building a robust business presence on social media.

  1. Find the Right Instagram Influencers

When looking to implement influencer marketing on Instagram, firstly you need to find the right influencers who are popular in a niche which suits to your business products & services. Choosing Instagram influencers who are popular in your niche will increase the chances to get boost in sales.

In order to get good ROI through Instagram marketing, you need to choose the right Instagram influencers. There are various influencer platforms such as Ninja Outreach, Upfluence, Tapinfluence, & Hypetap that will help you find top Instagram influencers within your niche. These platforms also help you measure and track the impact of your influencers.

If you find the right Instagram influencers, you can easily reach to your specific target audience and get a high ROI on your marketing spend.

  1. Form a Partnership

Once you find a right influencer for your Instagram campaign, you can make a partnership with them. It’s a part of your long-term Instagram marketing strategy to make partnership with the influencers for promoting your brand’s products.

If an influencer is promoting the same product again and again, their followers will have more trust on the product and they may even purchase it.

Typically, Instagram influencers like to work with businesses whose products are in sync with the type of content they usually post on their feed.

Before partnering with influencers, you firstly need to send them a brief about the type of content that you like for them to post and share. It gives them an overall idea of the appeal that you would like to have for your brand. It helps an influencer to have fair understanding to convey your brand’s message to their followers. It helps to make your marketing efforts successful on Instagram.

  1. Measure Results

Before you start with any marketing campaign, it’s important to put a framework in place to measure results. For Instagram marketing, you will want trackable links to measure results for your influencers. You can simply create multiple trackable links and ask influencers to paste the link in their image/video descriptions. It helps you check the effectiveness of Instagram influencer marketing.

Instagram influencer marketing is a tactical move which helps businesses to attain their marketing goals. When choosing an influencer, you need to pick the one who is popular in your niche that helps you to target the right audience and achieve high ROI on your Instagram marketing.

If you are not opting for Instagram influencer marketing, you are hugely missing on your business sales. It is one of the best social marketing strategies worth spending your marketing budget. Instagram influencer marketing is best for new businesses, as it helps them grow their business by providing increased brand recognition and more sales volume.

In addition to advertising on well-established social channels like Instagram, you can also make your presence on some other newly launched social media apps such as Connected India App. I have created a business profile over there and it delivers results to fulfil business marketing goals.

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